Our standard Web Management packages start at Red through to Gold. These packages have fixed prices and specifications. If your requirements are higher than our Gold package, we can offer you a Custom package tailored to your requirements.
All Web Management packages are purchased on a fixed one (1) year term and are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Upgrading Your Web Management Package.

You can upgrade to any higher Web management package at any time during your fixed one (1) year term. On receipt of your upgrade order we will Invoice you for the difference between the price of your new package and the value of any remaining calendar months of your current package.
The start date of your upgraded Web Management package will commence on receipt of payment and will be for a new fixed one (1) year term.
If you’re on a Custom package then you can upgrade any specifications within that package at any time without starting a new fixed term.
Downgrading any Web Management package is allowed at the end of the fixed one (1) year term.
All upgrades and downgrades are subject to our Terms & Conditions in full.

For confirmation of prices please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.


Accepted methods of payment: Direct BACS transfer; UK bank cheque (banker’s draft); PayPal

Ongoing monthly payments will only be accepted by Standing Order

All prices are exclusive of VAT

Please Note the Following

Note1: Web Design and Build prices are based on the client providing all content in an agreed electronic format, agreed domain name, agreed Add-on Domain names if applicable and the email address and password details to enable the client’s email accounts to be created. The client is responsible for interfacing with and accessing the website and email accounts.

Note2: Web Management package prices include minor static content changes provided by the client in an agreed electronic format. This is intended for small infrequent updates and is not intended to replace a dynamic news feed or updates however we can provide these services to the client as part of our web design service. The cost of a single Domain name renewal is included, subject to our Terms & Conditions.
Web Management package prices do not include any Design or graphic changes or adding downloadable content as this is deemed a new project.

Note3: ‘Minor content changes’ are defined as follows:
• The addition or modification of text only content or text hyperlinks within the context of the original site, such that the design or layout of any existing page does not require modification, where the content itself is supplied by the client as it is to be inserted or amended.
• The replacement of images within the context of the original site, such that they replace existing images of the same or similar size, or are added to a dynamic image display, where the image itself is supplied by the client as it is to be inserted or amended.

The quantity of minor content changes varies by package, and current information is available within the description of each package on the Packages Page. Higher packages will have more flexibility and will be agreed with the client.
Other modifications outside of these limitations may be accepted by PxWM at our discretion. Heavy content changes, redesigns of pages or site layout, creation of new pages, or images that have to be sourced by PxWM will be billed to the client as a separate invoice.

Note4: Disk space is specified in GB. This includes storage for files on your website, your emails that are stored on the server, and your site database(s) if applicable. You will be notified in advance if you are close to filling up your disk space and given the option to purchase additional disk space at £40 per GB as a bolt-on extra.

Note5: Bandwidth is specified in GB per calendar month. You will be notified in advance if you are likely to exceed your monthly bandwidth limit and given the option to purchase additional bandwidth at £2 per GB or suspend service, subject to our Terms & Conditions.