Decided you need a Website?

We can help you to design, build, and manage your website to meet your needs and those of your customers.
Things you should consider:

A clear goal and business plan of what is required:

  • Assign budget to the project and ongoing support
  • Search for websites that you like and think would work well for you
  • Have a clear idea what content you need

How do you want to get the message across?

  • Will static pages suffice?
  • Do you want to allow documents to be downloaded?
  • Do you require embedded music/videos?
  • Do you want a wiki, blog or bulletin board?
  • Do you require a gallery?
  • Will you be selling products through your site?
  • Do you require access to change parts of the site yourself?
  • Do you require limited access for members of your team?

Our experience shows that successful websites:

  • Have a straightforward layout, are easy to read, and intuitive to navigate
  • Keep content and code up to date

In Conclusion:

Do you have the time and expertise to manage the content of your site?

Getting this right at the onset not only saves you time and cost but also provides a professional image to your customers and the business world.