Initial Payment

Once your specification is agreed we will issue a Pro Forma Invoice for the total cost broken down into a payment plan to complete the agreed work.

We will require a 50% payment of the design fee, detailed on the Pro Forma Invoice, before work commences.

Any additional payments detailed in the Pro Forma Invoice are required so we can commence work (for example, for third party add-on software or foreign domain names) and must be paid upfront and in full.

These up-front payments are part of our service fees and do not constitute a deposit.

Payment Plan

The Pro Forma invoice will detail a Payment plan requiring a further payment of 40% of the design fee and full payment of the Web Management package on completion of the website and before the website goes live and will indicate the billing cycle for the Web Management package.

The remaining 10% of the design fee of the Pro Forma Invoice will be due for payment within 30 calendar days after the website goes live when you are fully satisfied.

A Pro Forma invoice will be sent out for each payment required.

Payment Terms

All payments are subject to our Terms & Conditions.